Thursday, August 2, 2012


Givenchy Ad
What do you mean we can't go to Chik-fil-A?
Sucker Punch  by life

Bondage Chemise//Frederick's of Hollywood

Gaga S&M: Vogue Hommes Japan
Dolce and Gabbana Corset

Reencuentro-The Two Snow White

Diosa Headpiece Original Body Chain 

Got in a fight with the asphalt///Diosa Headpiece Original Choke(h)er
"I want to spread the news. That it feels this good getting used. Keep on using me. Keep on using me. Until you use me up."

Lately I’ve been falling and eating shit in all aspects of my life: relationships, dinner, my face. And the problem isn't so much that I’ve hit “rock bottom” again, the point is I’ve fallen too many times to believe it’s a glitch in the matrix, a mistake. Sometimes I wonder if I should just hire a bookie and bet when my next streak of bad luck will hit. Maybe then I can make some extra money (lulz).
The sad reality sad thing is, just like most adults in modern society, these “mistakes” are clear and conscious choices. These choices were made with free will, bad free will if you will. Yet, if you were to ask me if I regretted any of the choices I've made lately, I would firmly answer you with a firm “No,” like any good masochist would, clearly accepting the humiliation and pain of their choices. But here is the secret appeal of masochism, it is the feeling of hope. That amongst the pain, dishonor and annihilation, you want to persevere through it all. The willingness to endure pain makes (whatever the situation might be) the prize that much sweeter.

Take cues from the "masochist" and add them to your wardrobe. Sure whips and chains aren't accepted in the public sphere yet, but there are other ways to bring these elements to your everyday style. One way of looking and flaunting your Marquis de Sade pride are body chains. These can be worn with a bathing suit or a simple black dress to accentuate your killer curves. Our personal favorite, S& M inspired body chains from Diosa Headpieces. These are not only a trend but a timeless accessory addition to your closet and boudoir ;)

Soundtrack of a dominatrix:

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