Sunday, March 13, 2011

Voyeur: Mall Rat

Urban Outfitter shoes :)

After a long week of working hard and putting up with the daily nausea of life, who doesn't like to indulge a little? Indulging for some might be found in the dark corner of a local bar (here's looking at you Charlie Sheen!) but here at Rose Bow, we like to indulge in ourselves by going to the mall. I admit-i'm a mall rat. Going to the mall for a little retail-therapy is an awesome healthy way to de-stress yourself. The only thing, that sucks about the mall...the ugly people. Which is why I was so content when I saw Thalia form Temucula! 

Thalia styled an outfit that was both stylish and comfortable enough for her to shop around in. I love wearing black/white stripes and would have never thought it would look so great with military green pants and black platforms. Here's my ode to you Thalia and all the fashionable mall rats across the globe.

What's your favorite mall?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Soñando Despierta//Daydreaming...

Braids//Twist hair

Wooden chunky clogs

:Le Fin:

For the past week I’ve been daydreaming of the most random things like pastries, nature, Dior-not to mention I have also been secretly wishing I would bump into Samantha Brown at a Target store. There she would offer me a job as her co-host/wingwoman. 
But the reality is...dreams don't come true, the only thing that is left from them are un-tangible memories. And while most discard those memories, i have used them for inspiration for a photoshoot.

Model Cindy: An oversized sheer sweater looks great against the sunshine rays of the Cali skies. One can balance the the huge sweater with small denim shorts.  And to create non-stop legs add some chunky wooden heels.  

Model Shannon: A flowing white tunic tied down with a brown belt, creates a hippie meets J.Lo  mash-up. And to finish it off some chunky-wooden clogs to stay true to the hippie 60's clog

Both these outfits can be used in several different occasions. A movie date with that one guy that said he would call but never did, girl's night out, and even in dreams.
(Photographer: Rafa Cardenas//MODELS: Shannon Slettedahl & Cindy Pak//Creative Director/Stylist:Rose Bow Fashion+++Locations: Sunny Southern Califas )