Thursday, July 8, 2010

I kiss boys and drink champagne...

Living in So. Califas, one has the advantage of having the fashion, sun and fun. But the best part of living in So Cal. THE MUSIC! The plethora of musicians that emerge from Southern California culture is amazing! The Doors, Cold War Kids, Sublime, Snoop, etc... Which is why my heart danced the one-two-step when I found out that one of my favorite local bands "Love Grenades" is part of "The Collaboration Series" by PAC SUN. The series allows upcoming photographers design custom shirts.
The designer, Taylor Brittenham , "is a Los Angeles based photographer whose subjects range from pop art to pop music", captured the bands' lead singer to create this limited edition tee. The shirt is only $18 and it allows you to show the whole world how much you like "Love Grenades"!

(image via Pac Sun)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fashion Quiz: Punk bike oi!

I went for a casual summer bike ride in Long Beach, and to my amazement look what I found! A bad-ass 10 speed road bike with some punk accessories!
Fashion Quiz:
Which famous female British designer uses punk motifs on most of her collections? The bike above seems like something she would totally ride :)
Click here for the answer.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Have a fun, festive and safe holiday. Today we celebrate "independence" and everything American!  Happy Birthday U.S.A.! 

As much as I hate Bruce Springsteen, there's no better day than today to listen to this song!
Be safe guys :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Red, White & Chic

 So the world cup didn't turn out quite the way U.S.A. wanted it to be... But hey! We're the United States of America, and tomorrow we celebrate the birth of our nation! Woot-Woot! Which means, bbq parties, friends/family, and fireworks to celebrate the fact that we are that powerful to not care about the world cup. 
Now your mind still might not be thinking what you will be wearing tomorrow, but here @ Rose Bow we have a couple of suggestions to make you look "Patriotic Chic" without looking like Tommy Hilfiger ad circa 1995.

Simple ideas to make yourself look a little more patriotic:
Baseball Cap:

What’s more American than allowing corporate conglomerates destroy 3rd word nation's economy Baseball? The baseball cap is an informal patriotic accessory and great for the weather :)

Plain White Tee:
Crisp, clean and white, the plain white Tee is an American fashion staple. Pair this tee with any jeans and you're as American as Apple pie. 

Bald Eagle:

What's more American than an actual endangered Bald Eagle? This is the accessory du jour! Bring this baby to a 4th of July BBQ, and you will most deffo be the most American bad-ass in the nation. You will bleed America, if not from Patriotism but caused by the eagle's claws. 

Check out this article from to give you more suggestions on how you can add an extra U.S.A. flair to your 4th of July outfit.

What are you wearing for the 4th?

Friday, July 2, 2010

Ponte-Ponte-Ponte bomb!

Summer is here and I'm so excited. Finally I can let the sun kiss my skin and enjoy all the fashion summer has to offer. This is a quick little photo essay of things that I want this summer. Which include bikes, skull rings, Indian headbands, and a call for people to use more public transportation! I feel like bright colors are so passe this summer. Instead i'm trying to opt out for a more classic approach with color schemes. Putting color in small details of your outfit (like floral print docs or a glitter eye-liner) are some ideas to add some Summer flair to your outfit with out looking like a Pollock

The song I decided to put up is a cover of "Pump the Jam" by the always body groovin' Colombian band "Bomba Estereo".  I still haven't decided what this summer 's anthem is going to be but this is most deffo on this summer's playlist. Some of the pictures above are from random adventures i've taken in the past days and pictures I've picked from random websites. 

What's on your mind this summer?

(Images via: Khristian Diane Berrio, Urban Outfitters, Sephora,, The satorialist)