Friday, July 2, 2010

Ponte-Ponte-Ponte bomb!

Summer is here and I'm so excited. Finally I can let the sun kiss my skin and enjoy all the fashion summer has to offer. This is a quick little photo essay of things that I want this summer. Which include bikes, skull rings, Indian headbands, and a call for people to use more public transportation! I feel like bright colors are so passe this summer. Instead i'm trying to opt out for a more classic approach with color schemes. Putting color in small details of your outfit (like floral print docs or a glitter eye-liner) are some ideas to add some Summer flair to your outfit with out looking like a Pollock

The song I decided to put up is a cover of "Pump the Jam" by the always body groovin' Colombian band "Bomba Estereo".  I still haven't decided what this summer 's anthem is going to be but this is most deffo on this summer's playlist. Some of the pictures above are from random adventures i've taken in the past days and pictures I've picked from random websites. 

What's on your mind this summer?

(Images via: Khristian Diane Berrio, Urban Outfitters, Sephora,, The satorialist)

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