Friday, February 26, 2010

Keeping up with the poseurs.

I will admit it. I am a huge fan of Kim Kardashian. I find her to be extremely beautiful and her body type is actually a really good representation of what a healthy normal woman should look like. With that being said, I could only really admire her for her personal aesthetics and that's it.  I am not surprised that her collaboration with BEBE named Kardashians BEBE is such a disappointment. It's a huge knock-off of what she already wears. Which brings me to the first piece...The dress on the left is  from an awesome L.A. based designer Brian Lichtenburg,   a designer whom Kim  usually  wears. This dress looks ridiculously to close to one of the dresses from the new BEBE line. What's the point of celebrity lines if all they are going to do is rip off the true talent of others?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Voyeur: LBC Vintage Chic

I approached Channie after a group project we had at school and told her I loved her outfit. She seemed a little surprised by this. Her style is youthful vintage chic.
What first got my attention was her belt (it made her waist look so small! ). Her outfit is age appropriate and her floral print lets me know that Spring is approaching.
She claims her style is vintage-boho, and  her mom is her fashion icon, because she's always looking beautiful and modern.
Kudos to Channie and being my style voyeur!



Friday, February 19, 2010

Conscious Hustler.

:Le sigh:
This has been such an inspirational week. I recently read an incredible article on women rights that has me over the moon! And now to continue this inspirational streak I came across- 1SOUL DESIGN. 1SOULDESIGN is a New York based-clothing label part of an artistic movement named Conscious Hustler. Their t-shirts are designed to be thought provoking and bring awareness to our social responsibility via the art of fashion.

The T-Shirts range from images of the great Fela Kuti to empowering messages like "Fear no Pig".
Even though the label is based in NYC, you can easily order their shirts on-line.

Your body is a blank canvas, why not paint it with the voice of your soul?



(Image via: 1SOULDESIGN)

Shallow Hal.

Humans are visual creatures-often judging a book on it's cover. I will own up to my own superficiality and tell you that there are two requirements before I even look twice at a guy. Shoes & teeth. Shoes and teeth can tell you a lot about a man. Their hygiene, their style, their credit score, etc...

But as superficial as I may sound-that can't compare with the
the forthcoming book, "Undateable: 311 Things Guys Do That Guarantee They Won't Be Dating or Having Sex" by Ellen Rakieten and Anne Coyle. "experts say that when it comes to calibrating long-term compatibility, the reality is that what men wear is the first — and often most crucial — criteria that women use to judge.
The book is bitter-sweet for me, because women are often held to societies standards to be thin, pleasing/model-like creatures while men can look however they damn please.
-Yet, at the same time I find it lame how they are approaching the situation. Making it seem that the reason these men aren't getting laid is because they wear "Tighty Whiteys" and NOT because they don't respect women.
How's that for a fashion advice?!

What do you think?

(Video Via: Random House Publishing Group)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The (Mc)Queen is dead.

British fashion designer/iconoclast to the fashion world, Alexander McQueen, was found dead today in his London home. The buzz all over the web is that McQueen's death is an apparent suicide after the tragic event of his mother's death last week.  "McQueen's representative, (however), would not confirm British media reports that he had (indeed) committed suicide."
McQueen will best be known for his "lobster shoes" that Lady Gaga wore in the "Bad Romance" video.
Rest in Peace McQueen.

(Image via: Los Angeles Times)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Time to get Vajazzled?!

Valentine's day is approaching, and important decisions like what to wear and what to get your significant other might be on your mind. But the essences of the Valentine's  day is Valentine's night. Why not make your night "sparkle" a bit? "Completely Bare" is a high tech spa dedicated to hair removal, with an added dazzle. "The professional estheticians from CB (Completely Bare) have been decorating their clients’ “precious ladies” for many years with swarovski crystals..." Although the experience itself of waxing is painful, it's nice to know we could mask the pain with jewelry.

Would you get Vajazzled?

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Voyeur: Roshena Chadha

Valentines' Day is coming up. Meaning broken promises, insincere love letters and disappointments. That doesn't mean your outfit should suffer a  heartbreak. Roshena Chadha, is a Los Angeles/New York based designer that has just the perfect outfit for you on any day of year. The model/designer has beautiful dresses that are young and sophisticated with influences of Indian aesthetics. So if you're thinking of buying a new outfit for Valentines' day, head on out to her website where you can buy AMAZEBALL dresses for about $70.
So if Valentine's day has you in a rut. Have no worries my bebes'...go on a shopping spree with the beautiful Roshena Chaha's designs.