Friday, July 15, 2011


Maybe it's because i'm Colombian selective vision/hearing but it seems that this week, here in Los Angeles, i've noticed that there has been a plethora of Colombian pride festivals. The Pico Rivera Colombian Festival, Down Town Art Walk: Colombian Exhibits and not to mention a couple of Colombian artists that are set to play in L.A...And while i'm still debating about actually attending these events, there is one thing all these events have in common: Pride.
Pride can motivate you. Pride can initiate change, but at the same time pride can inhibit you...just ask the proud boys that wear Mexican Pointy boots in the pseudo-documentary above. These young men inspired by the tribal music have created a sub-culture that motivates members to create the most pointy boots to dance in. Sounds painful, tacky, horrible fun! Watch with an open mind guys and enjoy!!!

"Extreme forms of Nationalism leads to fascism..."