Monday, January 25, 2010


Every once in a while when I self indulge I usually resort to 3 things. Chili-cheese fries, whiskey and a new pair of fresh kicks. While the first two  potentially cause MAJAH damage to my heart, buying new sneakers causes MAJAH happiness to my corazon.
Buying new sneakers is exhilarating and unlike  stilleto heels, sneakers will never let my ass fall while i'm dancing. I could use them in any social situations.
I'm not the only one that feels this way. The subculture of "Sneaker-heads" is alive through out the world, in a every major city. Avid shoe collectors that take pride in their Adidas, Jordans and even Air Force ones
I leave you with part 1/6 of the documentary "JUST FOR KICKS" which explains better the cultural impact of sneakers and their history. The movie has cameo appearances by self proclaimed "Sneaker heads" like  Grandmaster Caz, Reverend Run, and Missy Elliott.
(Image taken by: Vanessa Berumen)

Versace-Call me!?!

In a world of celebrity endorsed perfumes, lingerie and even salads, it should be no surprise that a celebrity endorsed cell phone should come out. Fashion titan, Versace has announced plans to come out with a high end phone. “The Versace number, due to be unveiled to VIP clients at the couture presentations next week in Paris will be the most expensive, at around £2,500.” That’s approximately $5000, way more than an iPhone will ever cost. At that price it better come with a share in the Versace company.
Listen-I'm all about high-end designers making our often mundane accerories interesting and high fashion(blah,blah, blah), but at this price i'll stick to my envy2. It makes calls just fine.

Would you buy a Versace phone?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Be fashionable: Help Haiti

After last week's devastating earthquake in Haiti, the U.S. has began airdrops of food and water. This brings much needed supplies to a community in dire need. While many news outlets are reporting what needs to be done, one can't help but feel disillusioned on not being able to actually do something. Until now-you can donate to the UNICEF USA and help the children of Haiti.
Please click here and donate.

(Image via L.A. Times)

Voyeur: Golden Globes 2010

Here are my Top 5 from last night's Golden Globes Awards:

Chloe Sevigny

Drew Barrymore

Penelope Cruz

Tina Fey

The Belle of the Ball: Kate Hudson.


Maggie Gyllenhaal

(Images Via: Celebuzz, Just Jared, WENN)

Milan Men's Fashion Week 2010: It's PRADA!

Let's be honest-It sucks being a boy. Nobody buys you flowers,  you can't publicize your LOVE for bubble baths and fashion for you is quite boring when compared to women. But have no fear my boys, Men's fashion week kicked off this week, giving you plenty to look forward this Spring/Summer.  And thanks to the wonders of YOUTUBE, one could enjoy the shows with out buying a ticket to Milan.

This season Prada has really caught my eye. Aside from their aggressive online marketing (i.e. posting up a film by Yang Fudong on their website and uploading their runway show on-line) their collection seems aesthetically what I would want to wear if I were a boy. 1970's leisure inspired ensembles, neutral colors combined with a splash of colors like merlot, blue and red, and geometric coat prints just to name a few.

The inspiration for this collections seems to be an modern urban mod squad look that travels through the city. The background of the show has images of Metro train maps and full scaled maps on the floor.  Speaking of maps, I can't wait to see what's next on the adventure of men's fashion week!
(Image via:

Friday, January 15, 2010

Voyeur: Art Walker

Last night the comadre, Vanessa Berumen, and I hit up the monthly DTLA artwalk. Most people go for the art, music and/or  free booze-all of which are legit reasons to go-  I  on the other hand, always like to go this event to admire the "Fashionistas". In the midst of a Sea of black leggings and coats, Vanessa's outfit was a breath of fresh air. The aspiring photographer playfully added a White faux-fur hat to match her white flats, and added a bit of color with her vintage blue belt. Brilliant! This made  the outfit  stylish, youthful and comfortable enough to let her do some "Fist pump" action and take her pictures. This is my first "Voyeur" post on real people and real fashions. My ode to you Vanessa and your amazing outfit. <3

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Have you ever woken up one day and said to yourself "You know what? Today, I want to dress like a 75 year-old classy woman?!". Well my lady, today is your lucky day! I stumbled upon this "Chanel" inspired jacket @ Forever 21 (It seems Forever 21 is the new Canal street!). The jacket is about 1/87 of the original price. Which means that you CAN afford it.  Just do me a favor, will ya, if you do wear it opt out for the pearls or the over the top accessories.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Do you ever pick up a fashion magazine and just admire the model (not the clothes!) for being so skinny? Well, V magazine's February issue will have some noticeably BIG changes in their models. The magazines' focus will be on showcasing larger models for it's upcoming size issue. This is rare gem in the Fashion industry, where waif thin models have been the norm.

The editors insist that the February issue of V isn't a shocking marketing gimmick or one big fat joke. “Big, little, pint size, plus size — everybody is beautiful,” said Stephen Gan, the magazine’s creative director, “and this issue is out to prove it."

 While many criticize the choice of the magazine, I think it's time we as a society start to  recognize that style can be obtain beyond size 2. The "Size Issue" will be on sale January 14, 2010.
*BTW, Uncle Karl Lagerfeld, actually participated in this issue!

Puff the magic Eyes.

It's 2010! A new year. A new decade. A new face???
Actually, the holiday partying schedule left me wishing for a new face-or at least wishing not to resemble Meeko. Luckily there are solutions to this dreaded eye baggage.
"Bliss Baggage Handler". It's a soothing gel that drastically deflated the bags under my eyes under $30.

Though I know the best solution for great skin is avoiding the bottle, plenty of water and rest(blah,blah, blah), the reality is that I might continue celebrating the new year now that I have a little cheat sheet. ;)