Monday, January 18, 2010

Milan Men's Fashion Week 2010: It's PRADA!

Let's be honest-It sucks being a boy. Nobody buys you flowers,  you can't publicize your LOVE for bubble baths and fashion for you is quite boring when compared to women. But have no fear my boys, Men's fashion week kicked off this week, giving you plenty to look forward this Spring/Summer.  And thanks to the wonders of YOUTUBE, one could enjoy the shows with out buying a ticket to Milan.

This season Prada has really caught my eye. Aside from their aggressive online marketing (i.e. posting up a film by Yang Fudong on their website and uploading their runway show on-line) their collection seems aesthetically what I would want to wear if I were a boy. 1970's leisure inspired ensembles, neutral colors combined with a splash of colors like merlot, blue and red, and geometric coat prints just to name a few.

The inspiration for this collections seems to be an modern urban mod squad look that travels through the city. The background of the show has images of Metro train maps and full scaled maps on the floor.  Speaking of maps, I can't wait to see what's next on the adventure of men's fashion week!
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