Monday, January 25, 2010

Versace-Call me!?!

In a world of celebrity endorsed perfumes, lingerie and even salads, it should be no surprise that a celebrity endorsed cell phone should come out. Fashion titan, Versace has announced plans to come out with a high end phone. “The Versace number, due to be unveiled to VIP clients at the couture presentations next week in Paris will be the most expensive, at around £2,500.” That’s approximately $5000, way more than an iPhone will ever cost. At that price it better come with a share in the Versace company.
Listen-I'm all about high-end designers making our often mundane accerories interesting and high fashion(blah,blah, blah), but at this price i'll stick to my envy2. It makes calls just fine.

Would you buy a Versace phone?

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