Saturday, January 9, 2010


Do you ever pick up a fashion magazine and just admire the model (not the clothes!) for being so skinny? Well, V magazine's February issue will have some noticeably BIG changes in their models. The magazines' focus will be on showcasing larger models for it's upcoming size issue. This is rare gem in the Fashion industry, where waif thin models have been the norm.

The editors insist that the February issue of V isn't a shocking marketing gimmick or one big fat joke. “Big, little, pint size, plus size — everybody is beautiful,” said Stephen Gan, the magazine’s creative director, “and this issue is out to prove it."

 While many criticize the choice of the magazine, I think it's time we as a society start to  recognize that style can be obtain beyond size 2. The "Size Issue" will be on sale January 14, 2010.
*BTW, Uncle Karl Lagerfeld, actually participated in this issue!


  1. okay. she is freakin beautiful in the picture on the left. but on the right the outfit is just not flattering. she looks like chorizo in some futuristic bondage outfit. lol.

  2. Rafa. She's a mal-ammarado tamal.