Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Voyeur: Das Las Vegas

Usually when people work @ a specialized clothing store they often THINK, that they look good. Workers at these shops eventually get lazy and just wear the name brand of the store, (here's looking @ you MetroPark employees!)
That was not the case when I walked into the Betsey Johnson boutique, located at the Miracle Mile mall in Las Vegas. Employees, Mindy Rim (Left) and Nina Ong looked beyond adorable and fashionable and both nenas were super nice!
Miss Ong went for a more classic look in all black, while keeping the outfit youthful with the black knee high socks. Miss Rim is donning a  Betsey Johnson shirt she turned into a dress by emphasizing her small waist with a nice black belt. Mindy said in regards to Betsey Johnson clothes "Betsey Johnson really knows women. She's amazing!"
Well I think both their outfits are amazing and kudos on being my fashion voyeur for Vegas!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Voyeur: My Hair routine...

On a recent facebook update status, I read a friend raving about how the Brazilian Blow Out treatment left her hair "silky smooth and straight".
Sounds great! But what about a new product for us girls that already have flat, straight hair, like me?
My hair is flat, fine and super straight, and although my curly hair girls envy it, I feel like having that hair style is soooo boring.

I've tried hair volume products, curlers, irons and even not brushing my hair for days, so the tangles could appear like more volume. Everything has failed epically.
So I decided to try something radical. I started skipping on the conditioner portion of my hair washing routine. I only conditioned once a week with a hair masque.
The conditioner weighs my already fine hair down and makes it  feel heavier and greasier. I just shampoo my hair, and opt out on the conditioner. After, I run my hair through ice cold water for a minute or two. My hair usually ends up drying straight, as usual, but with an incredible shine and bounce.
Do you guys have any "hair" tips?

Monday, March 22, 2010

I can't hear you...your shirt's too loud.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed and confused with the new health care bill being passed, I decided to leave the house and watch the homie Philly Johnson perform. Philly was participating in a once-a-month music showcase @ The Rhythm Lounge in Long Beach (I gotta support the community!)

Seeing him perform, brought up so many questions in relationship to how a how a musicians' fashion choice affects their future fans-Being at hip-hop event, I had some what of an idea of the level of flash and bling the performers were going to have, but even then I was not ready for the amount of blingitude, I encountered last night.
For the most part all the performers were male, thus I assumed the smooth swagger to come out and impress me. Instead what I witness was fashion catastrophe of swarovski's crystal shirts, the Usher look circa 1995 and at some point in the evening I even saw a small t.v. screen encrusted in some guys jacket. This experience was extremely informative in modern male fashion trends. The Hip-hop culture in general has so many wonderful fashion outlets, so last night was a bit of a bummer in the male department.
There were some men last night that did really put in effort, I just wish most of the performers could have done the same...
What do you guys think about dressing up the bling cliche @ a musical showcase?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Voyeur: Tick-Tock-You-don't stop!

Call me a sappy dork if you want but I still won't deny my love for weddings: The thought of two lives uniting forever in happiness, the wedding champagne and, of course, another perfect excuse opportunity to dress up. What is there not to love? 
Apparently boys really don't share the same excitement us girls do when it comes to dressing up for a wedding. For most straight men, it's a drag to dress up for any event. This is why you always find yourself in the middle of a sea of men's black suits.

 Geoff Tock's outfit for a recent wedding avoided the cliche of  the traditional black suit and was the epitome of modern male chic. His innovative color scheme of gray, white with a touch of purple is a contemporary approach to the default dark wedding suits. Aside from a great color palette, Geoff  is donning a suit that is well tailored, slim fit and doing exactly what it is suppose to do! His suit flatters his body type while staying within the lines of comfort. Kudos to Geoff on being my first male voyeur!
Geoff and a bella dama.
 (Geoff was styled by Khristian Berrio. Wardrobe is from: Zara Man, Nordstrom's and shoes from Calvin Klein)