Monday, March 22, 2010

I can't hear you...your shirt's too loud.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed and confused with the new health care bill being passed, I decided to leave the house and watch the homie Philly Johnson perform. Philly was participating in a once-a-month music showcase @ The Rhythm Lounge in Long Beach (I gotta support the community!)

Seeing him perform, brought up so many questions in relationship to how a how a musicians' fashion choice affects their future fans-Being at hip-hop event, I had some what of an idea of the level of flash and bling the performers were going to have, but even then I was not ready for the amount of blingitude, I encountered last night.
For the most part all the performers were male, thus I assumed the smooth swagger to come out and impress me. Instead what I witness was fashion catastrophe of swarovski's crystal shirts, the Usher look circa 1995 and at some point in the evening I even saw a small t.v. screen encrusted in some guys jacket. This experience was extremely informative in modern male fashion trends. The Hip-hop culture in general has so many wonderful fashion outlets, so last night was a bit of a bummer in the male department.
There were some men last night that did really put in effort, I just wish most of the performers could have done the same...
What do you guys think about dressing up the bling cliche @ a musical showcase?

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