Thursday, December 23, 2010

Boy Crazy

Dear RoseBow,
O.M.G. O.M.G. O.M.G. Rose bow Help! I got all my bases covered and got holiday gifts for my sister, parents and friends…but I somehow forgot my boy. WTF?! He always gets me the shittiest gifts for the Holidays but none-the-less I gotta hook up my boo’ with @ least some fly gear. Suggestions?

Paramount CA

Dear LeKrystale (Castles),

First off if you’re looking for some “fly gear” I suggest the latest edition of the FUBU collection. Buying for your “boo” may be a tad difficult-Sure its’easy to buy for your girlfriends or mom-You just get them something you would like-But boys are a bit more tactful and you obviously want them to look Holiday chic not Holiday geek.
Since each guy is different here are a couple of holiday suggestions for your boy:

The Pretty Boy Swag:

He likes to look fly all the time- Why not try a Leather fitted jacket that makes him look cool but @ the same time keep him warm from the weather.
He could pair it up with a simple tee or a nice button up shirt. 

The Sneaker Head:
Unless you know exactly what shoe he is missing from his NIKE SB collection, its better to let him choose the shoes. So don't stress too much and get him a pair of fly-ass kicks from a special shoe boutique. My personal favorite, PROPER in Long Beach, CA. If the shoe isn't to his pleasing he can always exchange it  for something else. 

The Professional:
His career is well on his way.  He dresses up almost everyday. Get him a nice bottle of Whiskey for after work and a pair of nice socks. You will make him warm from head to toe!

The Imaginary:
Call me Devendra.

The Asshole:
Send him a nonchalant e-mail saying that you have leprosy an unknown STD.He stood you up twice in one week-Get revenge from all that time wasted waiting for him, by having him wait unnecessary @ his local Plan Parenthood to get tested. (Hee Hee)

Hope this works for you LeKrystale and remember Tis’ the Season to get fucked up be jolly!

Rose Bow Fashion

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


If you are tired of wearing your UGG boots, over and over but want to stay warm, take cues from this seasons biggest trend: Over the knee socks and boots. Preferably sky high platform shoes. Not only will you manage to stay warm but the over the knee socks could be the flirty touch to your winter outfit. 

Will you be wearing socks this winter?

(MIA booties//Marc by Marc Jacob technicolor socks)

(images via {in order}:, and Rose Bow Fashion)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Guess I got my Swagga back...

It's so *good* to have good friends...but it's even better to have good friends with a camera and a passion for the aesthetically pleasing. Meet my friend Rafa-the mastermind behind the A daily photo blog that captures life in Los Angeles through the eyes of a bohemian soul.

I always wanted to style a fashion shoot, and commented this to Rafa a while back. So we finally decided to get together and work on our very own first fashion photo shoot. Our inspiration was DTLA, and the modern city girl who wants to stand out amongst the monotone colors of the city crowd (but not  clash!) This is the first collaborative project  with both of our blogs (and hopefully not the last) and I couldn't be any happier! I know I can't model but Rafa is a genius behind the lens and made me look top notch! Hope you guys enjoy!

(Yellow Coat: Tulle  Dress: French Connection, Printed Geometric Shirt: Tory Brunch, Black Legging Jeans: True Religion, Black Cardigan: Michael Kors, Brown Heels: Nine West, Burberry Bag, Aviator Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Gold Clutch:Vintage)

(Photographs via, Styling via Rose Bow Fashion)