Thursday, December 23, 2010

Boy Crazy

Dear RoseBow,
O.M.G. O.M.G. O.M.G. Rose bow Help! I got all my bases covered and got holiday gifts for my sister, parents and friends…but I somehow forgot my boy. WTF?! He always gets me the shittiest gifts for the Holidays but none-the-less I gotta hook up my boo’ with @ least some fly gear. Suggestions?

Paramount CA

Dear LeKrystale (Castles),

First off if you’re looking for some “fly gear” I suggest the latest edition of the FUBU collection. Buying for your “boo” may be a tad difficult-Sure its’easy to buy for your girlfriends or mom-You just get them something you would like-But boys are a bit more tactful and you obviously want them to look Holiday chic not Holiday geek.
Since each guy is different here are a couple of holiday suggestions for your boy:

The Pretty Boy Swag:

He likes to look fly all the time- Why not try a Leather fitted jacket that makes him look cool but @ the same time keep him warm from the weather.
He could pair it up with a simple tee or a nice button up shirt. 

The Sneaker Head:
Unless you know exactly what shoe he is missing from his NIKE SB collection, its better to let him choose the shoes. So don't stress too much and get him a pair of fly-ass kicks from a special shoe boutique. My personal favorite, PROPER in Long Beach, CA. If the shoe isn't to his pleasing he can always exchange it  for something else. 

The Professional:
His career is well on his way.  He dresses up almost everyday. Get him a nice bottle of Whiskey for after work and a pair of nice socks. You will make him warm from head to toe!

The Imaginary:
Call me Devendra.

The Asshole:
Send him a nonchalant e-mail saying that you have leprosy an unknown STD.He stood you up twice in one week-Get revenge from all that time wasted waiting for him, by having him wait unnecessary @ his local Plan Parenthood to get tested. (Hee Hee)

Hope this works for you LeKrystale and remember Tis’ the Season to get fucked up be jolly!

Rose Bow Fashion

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