Friday, June 24, 2011

Electric Daisy Carnival

Carnival folk have really never gotten a good rep. Maybe they just can't afford any GOOD press or maybe its because of all those weird side-show acts with freaks, that one often associates carnivals, with well...freaks. I mean there's:
But one carnival that has been getting a LOT of press (and good one too) is the Electric Daisy Carnival. A music festival (Read:Electronica Coachella), that for the past 13 years had been calling Los Angeles home, but after last year's drama of a 14 year old partying to death, the event has been moved to Las Vegas (mecca of debauchery).
Even though EDC is known for debauchery, mayhem and the most intense ravers you will ever meet, here @ROSEBOW we like to help you with some outfit inspirations for this weekend's Electric Daisy festival. Take cues from Models:

Someone is ready to do the Melbourne shuffle...

Cut off shorts are a must in the heat of the desert. Instead of bikini top try a bandeau or color crop top to add some color, while trying to get your tan on. A long-light flowly sweater might seem like a hassle to wear @ a festival but knowing you-you'll be so drugged up and  will forget the SPF 50 both your mother and I told you to take. The sweater will @ least keep your shoulders from melting off as well as not letting you look like a complete rave slut. :)

I see dem' denim shorts peeking :)

A long flowy dress is perfect to dance and prance around EDC. Not only is it easy to wear but you can easily sneak in your E-pill you will later be selling   another outfit underneath. Like denim shorts and a bikini top. Bring it all together with a belt, some Raybans (unless you rock the bloodshot) and you are ready to be the belle of EDC!

For those of you on-route to EDC, I'm super jelly I can't go this year, but if you were rich lucky enough to go, my musical suggestion is to check out ARAAB MUZIC:

Do you like Carnivals?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Forest

Mala Nieves Decal

Cluster Cherry Headband

The Forest

I'm always on the look out for aesthetic stimulation. Whether it's a dress, a new art exhibit or even just a moment in time. Recently I've been going back to my roots and looking towards nature for inspiration. Going to the forest or any green environment let's me recharge my batteries that the city has drained. 
Another way the forest can inspire you is by watching Colombian-based duo THE FOREST and their live performance art. The visual candy that is this art-band incorporates their love for art and the surreal. "They wrapped their audience in a visual act that bathes them in lights, color and experimental music". So next time the 405 has you on the verge of going postal-CHILL-take a break, and leave towards nature.
Are you lost in the Forest?

 (Images via:, Split Pea Vintage ,, Top, The Forest Experimental, & Rose Bow Fashion)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Joie Noir

Everyone has a dark side-It might not come up as often as some, but deep down, all of us are dark creatures who embrace evil from time to time. And maybe this sudden wind of dark inspiration has come from stress, rejection, my new voodoo shaman friend my occasional side job, catering at the historical L.A. land mark, the Edison. The interior of the Edison is dark, mysterious and enchanting-sort of like that guy you met last month at the M Bar. (R.I.P. M BAR!)

Wearing an all black outfit might seem like a flattering choice, but you really don't want to look like  Steven Seagal or have people confuse you for being part of the Edison catering service. Its always good to add a touch of color to your dark outfits. Subtle and dainty, like a delicate lingerie bralette that peeps through a crop top or even a sweater that has subtle color in it. Take cues from models Cindy & Shannon:

Over-sized sweater: Angel Design by Sabri Ozel

Cosabella Blue Bralette shown through a crop-top

Funky hair-do's for Summer.

 Do you guys embrace your dark side?

(Photos-Rafael Cardenas; Models-Shannon Dahl & Cindy Pak; Artistic Director/Stylist: Khristian Berrio. Location:Southern Califas-City of Angels )