Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Forest

Mala Nieves Decal

Cluster Cherry Headband

The Forest

I'm always on the look out for aesthetic stimulation. Whether it's a dress, a new art exhibit or even just a moment in time. Recently I've been going back to my roots and looking towards nature for inspiration. Going to the forest or any green environment let's me recharge my batteries that the city has drained. 
Another way the forest can inspire you is by watching Colombian-based duo THE FOREST and their live performance art. The visual candy that is this art-band incorporates their love for art and the surreal. "They wrapped their audience in a visual act that bathes them in lights, color and experimental music". So next time the 405 has you on the verge of going postal-CHILL-take a break, and leave towards nature.
Are you lost in the Forest?

 (Images via: Fashiongonerouge.com, Split Pea Vintage , Etsy.com, Top Shop.com, The Forest Experimental, & Rose Bow Fashion)

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