Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Soñando Despierta//Daydreaming...

Braids//Twist hair

Wooden chunky clogs

:Le Fin:

For the past week I’ve been daydreaming of the most random things like pastries, nature, Dior-not to mention I have also been secretly wishing I would bump into Samantha Brown at a Target store. There she would offer me a job as her co-host/wingwoman. 
But the reality is...dreams don't come true, the only thing that is left from them are un-tangible memories. And while most discard those memories, i have used them for inspiration for a photoshoot.

Model Cindy: An oversized sheer sweater looks great against the sunshine rays of the Cali skies. One can balance the the huge sweater with small denim shorts.  And to create non-stop legs add some chunky wooden heels.  

Model Shannon: A flowing white tunic tied down with a brown belt, creates a hippie meets J.Lo  mash-up. And to finish it off some chunky-wooden clogs to stay true to the hippie 60's clog

Both these outfits can be used in several different occasions. A movie date with that one guy that said he would call but never did, girl's night out, and even in dreams.
(Photographer: Rafa Cardenas//MODELS: Shannon Slettedahl & Cindy Pak//Creative Director/Stylist:Rose Bow Fashion+++Locations: Sunny Southern Califas ) 

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