Friday, April 23, 2010

Voyeur:Green with Envy

As summer is approaching i've been feeling like my corazón is radiating happiness! Maybe it's because the simplest things make me smile, like a song, ice cream, and people who dress up as if they belong in fashion magazines.
The problem with summer fashion is that when the sun and heat goes up, I find that most women go for floral or bright prints to demonstrate that SUMMER IS HERE. Which is typical and expected but after a while the bright colors and floral prints becomes a bit childish and redundant. My voyeur this episode, Laurie,  shows us how to have a great summer outfit avoiding such summer cliches. 

I met Laurie at the HUB grand opening, a biking event, and immediately fell in love with her outfit. It looked effortlessly chic, cool and comfortable enough to ride a bike on a sunny day. Laurie defies the common thought that summer means bright colors and wore a vintage inspired look that looks as she just walk out of a fashion shoot. 
Kudos on Laurie being my voyeur to kick off the summer trend! <3

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