Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Little Pony.

Better hair than you.

Coral Suede Horse Print Coin Purse

My Little Gaga Pony 

Horse Shoe ring in 14K
Alma and her horsey :)
About a week ago, my dear friend decided she was going to celebrate her birthday at Cowboy Country. Against my will I went and what I witness was beyond my wild horses dreams. As I entered the barn (YES A BARN!) I saw huge ballroom dance floor  in which, I shit you not about 80 Cowboy & Cowgirls uniformly danced, like a Disney Musical, to a weird tune they called "Country music". 
Through out the whole night I miserably attempted to dance this music, but could not find the rhythm. I later found out, the hard way, my 2-step dance didn't appropriately match the rhythm to Country music. 
Luckily this place had a lot of places to hide. Once seated, I was able to put my shame on the side and just admire the scenery. While watching these people do their routine, I was inspired by the Cowgirls and their funky style for the upcoming Summer months. Their style looks great on the dance floor, but could easily be used in everyday life here in L.A. Some inspirational cues include, denim diapers shorts, Cowboy boots, flower printed dress and of course an attitude!

Are you guys Country Strong?

(Images via: Onlyitgirls.tumblr,, Vogue (USA), Vogue (China) , ,, Rose Bow Fashion)


  1. Where can I buy that lovely horse shoe ring?

  2. If you click on the link below the picture-it will send you to the etsy store. It's a good jewelry piece. The one I put up is gold- but you can find cheaper versions. :)