Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Un viaje al lo divino...

Diosa Headpieces
Anne Siems
Virgensita illumine mi camino...

Diosa Headpieces

King Taco Murals

Dolores Del Rio
Chinnamastra- Self- decapitating Goddess
Monica Belluci///Hunger Magazine 2012
La Ultima Diosa///Andrea Echeverri//Colombian Princess
Diosa Headpieces

Any voyage experience should inspire curiosity, what good are they if not to explore and discover the unknown. On a recent voyage to my inner self I explored and discovered several things only a cleansing and spiritual journey can give you. This journey was truly enlightening finding my animal spirit//true self. But instead of finding wisdom and light I found hate, darkness and self loathing. (What journey isn't complete with a little self-loathe-right?) I quickly realized and came to terms that's those so called demons  were just "problems" from a mere mortal point of view. I changed my view and was inspired to view my problems from the perspectives of the ultimate celebrities: God, Gods and Goddess. My journey had lead me to discover the divine in me.
            What truly makes a person divine is an ethereal glow to their aura  isn't so much a physical characteristic, but in the  way they compose themselves with harmony with all mortals, animals and creatures of the universe. This sense of harmony is an interaction done with everyone and everything but most importantly within themselves.
My voyage today has me understanding the divine lives in me and inspires me in my decisions and actions of my everyday life. And although I fall from grace from time to time (Goddess' DO NOT eat at taco bell-but I do-tee hee!) that reality check of failure is part of the human experience.
 Maybe it's the mescaline that hasn't worn off, the warm summer breeze that has me feeling divine but here at Rose Bow we like for you to feel the love too. A few tips to feel like a Goddess: Positive attitude towards everyone and everything, getting an apartment in Mount Olympus and crowning yourself with a headpiece from Diosa Headpieces.

Be You. Be Divine. Be Diosa.

(Images via: Khristian Diane Berrio, Esteban Covarrubias,

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