Monday, November 15, 2010

Tranquilita de noche y de día.

Even though the sun is beating us to the ground here in Southern Califas.(and no, I'm not complaining!) that doesn't mean one can't dress up with all the fun fashion has to offer in the Fall. Fall has always been my closet's favorite time of the year. It means dressing up with more layers of clothing and putting on all my favorite winter coats and boots...and even though in the past years I've shied away from tall heel boots this year I'm embracing the "inner Amazon woman" and rocking high heels like the baddest bitch on the block.

My favorite accessory this fall is the bold statement necklace, particularly this statement necklace by Tranquiltelas. This particular color really compliments well with the color palette Fall is known for: Khakis, Browns, Military green.

On a last note, if you're like me, you probably would like to run over the holiday music like that reindeer did to Grandma. This has to be at least once on your Fall/Holiday playlist. "Night by Night" by Chromeo.

 What trends are your favorite during Fall?

(Images via: Etsy, Sephora, Top Shop, and Khristian Diane Berrio [locations: Medellin, Colombia//Frog Town,Los Angeles])

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