Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Over the weekend I went on a date, and on a "normal" day I would make fun of everything that went wrong...but ever since the rumored apocalypse is approaching I'm forced into being optimistic and passionately enjoy every. single. moment. of my life. This time I was genuinely happy to go the theatre and watch a film. It wasn't an art house film or a thought provoking documentary, instead I decided to join the masses and watch Suckerpunch. And while my guy enjoyed the crotch shots, short skirts, and visual effects, I was mesmerize with the make-up action that was on film. Most noticeably their gorgeous long eye-lashes.

Fake eye-lashes aren't just for movie/porn stars anymore. Adding a pair of falsies can help you feel fabulous on days that you don't necessary have much time. Though they look great with heavy eye-makeup, pairing up the falsies with a fresh faced look can help you achieve an enhanced "natural" beauty look. Take cue from models, Cindy and Shannon.


Cindy looks Mad Men-esque with a fresh faced look, light lip gloss and a set of heavy and big falsies. Perfect for day and night!


Even hippies can enjoy falsies. A truly natural look can be slightly enhanced with a set of medium size lashes. The benefit of a simple make-up look, is it allows you to play up your accessories. Like a nose ring or putting a feather in your hair.

Tip: Since your first experiences on eyelashes won't be easy, practice on cheap eye-lashes. (Usually sold for $2 at "Fashion Island" or "Fashion 24" stores. (YOU KNOW WHAT STORES I'M TALKING ABOUT!!!)
What do you think about fake eyelashes? Too much or too fabulous?

(Images via: Warner Bros. Studio press, Rafael Cardenas x Rose Bow Fashion)

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