Thursday, April 21, 2011


What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? Or at least you better fucking pray like to hope so-(I mean, who really wants to see you Karaoke to Gloria Estefan's song on the bar, pretending to be sexy, all while spectators view your drunken glory-as you notice that what's really hanging out of your skirt, is your tampon). But of course, there is so much more to the cheapness, and taste-less one expects from Las Vegas. There is dancing fountains, monuments to the gaudi and my favorite, outlets.

And yet amidst the sea of tight cargo pants, Ed Hardy shirts and all the glitter, I found Mai. Mai is a student from Japan who was shopping the infamous Las Vegas outlets. What struck me about her outfit was that it was so appropriate for the weather in Vegas. Her brown silk jumpsuit played perfectly with the dry breezy winds of the desert, while her choice in color palate was a perfect contrast to all the colors everyone in Las Vegas O.D.'s on.

When asked what her inspiration was, Mai responded to a simple "Nothing". Although I will admit I did not like that response at first, it later made sense to me. Her DADA approach in fashion can be seen as her outfit itself is anti-fashion/anti-ordinary, not only to Las Vegas fashion but to life in general, and for that I salute you Mai. Thanks for being my Las Vegas fashion muse.
*Do you like Mai's look?*

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